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The Rainy Days story was always meant to be  a full anime. First things first, we are trying to pay our illustrator what they deserve for a full 12-13 chapter manga! We are steadily gaining follower-ship    so make sure to follow our different social media for the most up to date information! Click the photo below to go to our campaign  !

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Discover a fantasized yet authentic tale of hardship, struggle, drama and triumph with characters of color all set in a post-apocalyptic world 400 years in the future! Scroll down for more information or visit our website for all the information!

This Kick Starter is to raise the illustration costs to turn the already self-published and Award-Winning 220 page first book in the Rainy Days series into an amazing 220+ page Gekiga (serious topics for mature audiences) Manga! The first manga truly by and about the issues and lives of people of color. If you ever felt characters like Piccolo (yep),  Yoruichi,  Gerald, Skeeter (yep yep) or any hidden cloud ninja were underserved or slept on then this Kick Starter is for you! The goal is to be able to give you something real the next time you Google "Black or Latinx Manga."

Our Illustrator

It was important to our Author to find an illustrator who had a great understanding and passion for manga and he found one in artist Gahmeur H. From Vietnam. She is a freelance illustrator and has worked on hundreds of projects for over 7 years. View some of her early sketches for the Rainy Days story on our website

Present day saw decades and decades of extreme drought. Rains stopped falling, sandstorms whirled around the world and livestock and agriculture came to a standstill. The world changed from fighting one another to fighting the issue at hand but the world's social-economic issues still exited and drove every decision. Ultimately, the powers that be moved forward with approving the use of gigantic weather machines strategically placed all around the world. Though they initially seem to work in making the rains fall again, there were soon two very terrible side affects. The first was memory loss that left the world confused as to how they came to be in this current arrangement with the government. The second, decades later, was the rain becoming more and more acidic, to the point where a single drop could burn through a human body as if it was a balloon.


400 years later, our story follows the lives of a group of freedom fighters with varying levels of resistance to the acidity of the rain. Together, they fight to change the circumstances of the few remaining humans on the planet while trying to discover the truth of how they all came to be.

We do not want to flood the page with too many words so our future backers can view excerpts and artwork from Rainy Days Book One and discover more about our story and characters (here) on our website. We are also making Chapter 0 available to read for free during this campaign (here).

Hear what some of our readers are saying...

An honest attempt at "New Age" Killmonger Cosplay

The Author of Rainy Days, G. Empty, is a native of Chocolate City (Washington D.C.). Currently he is a commissioned active duty service member currently stationed in Los Angeles, California. A self-described Blerd, telling a story and having audiences hanging on every word was always a talent of his. He wrote the book in the same way he would speak a story. No overly correct grammar or diction. Just straight story no chaser that really allows the reader to understand the vivid details of the story unfolding in their mind. G. Empty personifies issues such as sexuality, wealth inequality, sexual assault, religion, pride, and many others into his characters and their story lines. The oldest event he can say led him to anime is when he picked up a Tenchi Muyo movie one evening in Block Buster Video and never returned it. Then through Cartoon Network's "Toonami" his mind was expanded to the wider world of Anime like Dragonball Z, Sailor Moon, Bleach, YuYu Hakusho, and many others. One thing was always on his mind. "Black people love this shit!" He recognized the impact of Black characters to all anime but never saw an anime that really does the black character justice in a way that people of color today can really relate to. Always added for a fun affect but never the centerpiece. So the response was almost too obvious. Write the Rainy Days Story. (And it ended up being an award winner!)

2020 Independent Publishers Award in Urban Fiction

Quick Author Q & A

Q: Will there be nudity/sex?

A: In Japan(Origin of Manga), their culture of public bathing, outward expression, independence and a 13 year age of consent allows for a more accepting audience to underage adult themes. As a Gekiga Manga, there will be adult themes. However this is an American made story and our author is careful to describe the characters being of age (to the US) before any graphic scenes. But in short, yes, but not just for fan service. Sometimes nudity is needed to portray the messege.

Q: Why read Rainy Days?

A: A quick answer is cause it's an award winning great story. But even deeper I want people to understand the need for us to tell our own stories in an a way that is authentic to us. Every story loves using black, minority or LGBTQ+ characters to spice up the plot but it is not enough to be remembered as that character from that story. Our characters, our lives, are the story. So Rainy Days is OUR story that was waiting to be told. 

Q: What are the characters and story based on?

A: The story is driven by the characters. Once the setting was set, the characters go through life and shit happens. The characters each embody at least one issue common to the lives of black and other undeserved racial backgrounds. For example, attempting to fit in within a different social community and the belief you are not authentic to your own people or your self. Imagine many characters and their issues clashing and creating deep engaging plots. It just works!

Though this is our first Kick Starter Campaign, we know to bring the REAL REWARDS for our Backers and bring them FAST! Many of our rewards are limited editions to this campaign only, giving our backers an opportunity to own history. All print copies that come as part of a reward level will be the only first editions we make available. We have worked ways to support your  favorite local book stores into our rewards as well as helping other minority authors with our stretch goals. Be sure to check out our Fulfillment section to find out how much we have done to guarantee prompt delivery of your rewards following the campaign.

We get it, why should you trust this first time campaign to deliver on our promises? One of the smallest teams taking on a seemingly massive undertaking. We have done our research on many other campaigns that seem to be similar to ours but have failed to meet their obligations. We recognize the anguish backers face when the projects they support renege on their pledge. However our Author, G. Empty, is a man who chooses to stand by his name. He can be reached personally at all the social networks @rainydaysaga and by email at Every backer will continue to receive updates throughout the creation of our manga and should we reach the 30K stretch goal they can continue to follow our journey until they all receive their copies of our manga and beyond. 


Only one tier of rewards requires waiting for anything to be produced. The majority of rewards are already produced, in hand and waiting to be shipped. To provide even more certainty of delivery, G. Empty has already secured the necessary quantities of rewards for levels  3 and higher as well as pieces of everything needed to fulfill level 2 and below for the first 500 backers all the way down to the packaging.  We have also secured our supply chain for more items with a turn around time within a month for any backers beyond that first 500. We understand in this tough time under COVID-19 the reasonable expectation that items will not arrive on time. But as long as USPS is operational our backers will get their items promptly following the disbursement of the Kick Starter funds with full updates every step of the way.

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