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Interview  Questions with Author G. Empty

Question:  Why write    Rainy Days?


“You can color a character black, white, brown or purple and get more people of that color to watch your show but if their story or adventure is not authentic then the audience will always be those people of color and never be your fans. Like, I remember Cannon Busters had a black lead, but I could not tell you his name. The Rainy Days story is a fantasized re-telling grounded in reality and authenticity. People will read it and say that’s my sister, brother, father, grandmother, that’s me, that’s my pain, that’s my happiness, that is my story. And that’s why Rainy Days is different from anything else. The rain from the story’s plot is not the reason for the title. Everyone has rainy days. That shared experience is what a rainy day is. But what do you do on a rainy day when everything seems so negative? You join with your family and friends, focus on the good, play games, eat, be happy cause you know the rain is going to pass. So I figure, how about I take that entire experience of a rainy day and put it into a story that’s never been told before, but you couldn’t wait to hear.”

Question:  Is the book meant only for black people?


"Why is it that anything pro black, or anything that has people of color in a position to be celebrated, someone has to think it's being discriminatory?  Nazi killing stories always get rave reviews, as they should, but HOLD UP if people of color take on their oppressors? No, Rainy Days is a story for any and everyone who has gone through strife and turmoil. The story allows the characters, in their hardship, to find comfort in their bodies and lives so that they can overcome their enemies and help the ones they love. I believe everyone who reads from any background will find a character or event that they can relate to. It is a story of self discovery and there is always more than meets the eye."

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G. Empty

The Author of Rainy Days, G. Empty, is a native of Chocolate City (Washington D.C.). Currently he is a commissioned active duty service member stationed in Los Angeles, California. Writing was never something he was ever too passionate about but telling a story and having audiences hanging on every word was always a talent of his. He wrote the book in the same way he would speak a story. No overly correct grammar or diction. Just straight story no chaser that really allows the reader to understand the vivid details of the story unfolding in their mind. The oldest event he can say led him to anime is when he picked up a Tenchi Muyo movie one evening in Block Buster Video and never returned it. Then through Cartoon Network's "Toonami" his mind was expanded to the wider world of Anime like Dragonball Z, Sailor Moon, Bleach, YuYu Hakusho, and many others. One thing was always on his mind. "Black people love this shit!" He recognized the impact of Black characters to all anime but never saw an anime that really does the black character justice in a way that people of color today can really relate to. So the response was almost too obvious. Write the Rainy Days Story.

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About our Artwork

The Rainy Days Story was always meant to be a visual tale. Sadly, Author G. Empty is unable to illustrate in a way that he felt would do it the characters justice. Money is not the point of releasing Rainy Days Book One. It was always to raise the money to commission the full manga illustration. Please take a look at our gallery of some of the early concept art work and other visuals to see how far we have come and try and get a glimpse at where we want to go.

It was important to G. Empty  to find an illustrator who had a great understanding and passion for manga and he found one in artist Gahmeur H. From Vietnam. She is a freelance illustrator and has worked on hundreds of projects for over 7 years. View some of her early sketches for Rainy Days here

Music and Video

Nearly all cultures and backgrounds use music as a form of expression , celebration and stress relief.  Hip-Hop and  Rap are some of the truest forms of musical expression and are integral to the Rainy Days story.  Explore the auditory mindset of our author with our Rainy Days  visual.

Rainy Days Visual - Music  By Lu Alex

Lu Alex + Rainy Days

About Lu Alex

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Rainy Days ThemeLu Alex
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Lu Alex is a musician, producer, and rapper from Chesapeake, VA. He started by learning multiple instruments, including saxophone, piano, clarinet, and drums, and he combined these skills through music production and recording. Lu Alex released his project “Purgatory” in 2016, followed by “Simple Complex” in 2018 and “Black Diary” in 2019. He continues to write, produce, arrange, record, and perform his own music, and his mission is to awaken the purpose that exists within us all. Truly embodying the Rainy Days story.

Question: How did you go about making the music for the Rainy Days Theme?


"When I was asked to write the “Rainy Days” theme, I was intrigued and excited by the fact that this was an Anime inspired by black culture. My goal was to bring together elements of my experience as a black man, while still appreciating Hip-Hop and the music that I love. I wrote this theme song to represent the act of overcoming struggle, as well as the beauty of growing from our darkest circumstances."

Rainy Days - Book One Author Curated Playlist

Rainy Days - Book One Author Curated Playlist

The Rainy Days World

The Rainy Days Story takes place in a post apocalyptic world set some 400 years into the future. The world as been destroyed by famine, natural disasters and horrible decisions by world governments. The descendants of the few that remain struggle with problems, new and old. Our characters traverse their local area, without the true knowledge of how they came to be in their current circumstances. All they know is the state of the world is not how things should be. And they are willing to fight for what they believe is right. Luckily, though the world is eroding away, they are growing stronger. A Phoenix rises from the ashes, and our heroes rise from the depths of despair. 


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